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Empower youth and families to heal from past trauma

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Trauma affects individuals from all walks of life and we are here to help them heal...

15-year-old Mandy had been through some significant trauma in her young life and was experiencing a lot of feelings she didn’t know how to handle. Someone told her using drugs would make her feel better. So Mandy turned to trying to dull her pain with marijuana.

Then Mandy found Youth 180, and she learned a better way to deal with her feelings. Because of donors like you, Mandy could get help at Youth 180 even though her family couldn’t afford to pay for treatment. And now, because someone like you cared, Mandy is no longer using drugs and is a happy, well-adjusted teenager.

That’s the kind of turn-around that happens through the generosity of our community. Your donation helps thousands of young people learn to solve their problems in healthy ways instead of turning to drugs, skipping school, aggression, self-harm, or other self-destructive behaviors.